ACF - Text fields

Welcome to this Advanced Custom Fields tutorial, explaining the basics of how the different fields that come with the ACF Pro plugin work.

This guide is made using the ACF Pro fields. Inspect the elements on this page to see how they are constructed!

For example, what you are reading now is a Text Area...

Be careful when using this field though, as the spacing between the paragraphs can only be created by using the nl2br function in your PHP. This will not create separate paragraph tags though so might cause problems with styling.

This is the Wysiwyg Editor.

Using this can solve the possible styling problems of the Text Area field. If you inspect this element, you will see that it is formatted with the paragraph tag and therefore no extra functions are required for the layout of text.

It includes options for all sizes of the Title and Paragraph tags as well as formatting options.

Users can also add images and forms to the Wysiwyg Editor field as demonstrated, below:


It’s important to note, all of the above fields are viewable on the front end, though many are not. Some fields are designed to add customisation to the admin area. For example:

The Number field

The Range field